• 2021Issacman

    Jared Issacman

     Inspiration 4 Mission commander, Founder and CEO of Shift4

  • 2021Proctor

    Dr. Sian Proctor

    Inspiration 4 Mission pilot, Geoscience Professor

  • 2021Arceneaux

    Hayley Arceneaux

    Inspiration 4 Medical officer, Physician’s Assistant

  • 2021Sembroski

    Chris Sembroski

    Inspiration 4 Mission specialist, Senior Analytics Engineer



  • WallyFunk

    Mary “Wally” Funk

    Bachelor of Science, Oklahoma State University

    Adult Space Academy, 1991 and 2001

    From the time she jumped off her father’s barn wearing a Super Man cape at the age of 4, Mary “Wally” Funk dreamed of flying. She became a civilian flight instructor for the U.S. Army by the age of 20, and at 21, Wally volunteered for the Mercury 13, a group of women who underwent the same training as the Mercury Astronauts. While the Mercury 13 never got the chance to fly in space, her life’s work reflects Wally’s profound love of aeronautics. She became the first female Air Safety Investigator for the National Transportation Safety Board and was a long-time flight instructor. She has flown gliders, jumped from airplanes, won air races and served as a Goodwill Ambassador for flight all around the world.

  • CaseyHarris

    Casey Harris

    Space Camp for Interested Visually Impaired Students, 2000 and 2001

    Casey Harris is the first Space Camp for Interested Visually Impaired Students (SCIVIS) alumnus to be inducted into the Space Camp Hall of Fame. Fascinated with aviation since his godfather took him on an airplane ride as a young teen, Casey jumped at the chance to attend Aviation Challenge when he learned about SCIVIS. A two-time graduate and Top Gun award recipient, Casey said attending SCIVIS was “one of the most formative experiences” of his life. He continues his long-time interest with aviation and space, even giving his son the middle name “Orion.” The constellation is also the name of the second album by Casey’s band, X Ambassadors. Casey is the keyboardist in the successful rock band, whose members include his brother, Sam, on vocals and Adam Levin on drums.