Family Space Academy

Frequently asked questions about Family Space Academy, at least one adult accompanying children between ages 7 - 18.

General Information

Who can come to Space Camp?

  • Our weeklong student Camp programs are for anyone age 9 – 18.
  • Our family programs require at least 1 adult aged 18 year or older and at least 1 child aged 7-18 years of age to be registered together for camp. You may register more than 1 family member in each age group but must have a minimum of 1 adult and 1 child.
  • Our Adult programs are for ages 18 and older (there is no upper age limit).
  • Our Pathfinder program is designed for students in grades 4 - 8 and requires at least 12 per group, including adults. We require at least one adult chaperone to be with the group at all times.
  • Our Educator Camps are open to all educators from around the world. Teachers in all subject areas are welcome. The program is geared toward grades 6-8, but many activities can be modified for younger or older students.

Participants must have the proper paperwork to enter the U.S. and be fluent in conversational English to attend.

What is the media release?

The U.S. Space & Rocket Center including the Space Camp and Aviation Challenge facility is occasionally visited by photographers hired by the U.S. Space & Rocket Center for the purpose of taking promotional or publicity photos, video or film as well as by news media and video/film crews. There is a possibility students and adults attending programs will be photographed. When registering for a program at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center or for Space Camp/Aviation Challenge or other camp programs, you are authorizing the U.S. Space & Rocket Center or any entity or person authorized by it the use and reproduction of any and all photographs, video or film taken of the person whose record you are updating during program training activities and related activities. There will be no compensation to you. All negatives and positives, together with said prints, video or film are the property of the U.S. Space & Rocket Center or the entity or person authorized or designated by it, solely and completely. You also waive any right to inspect or approve any photo, video or film taken during your visit. You affirmatively release and discharge the U.S. Space & Rocket Center from any responsibility for any distortion or manipulation, whether intentional or otherwise, of photos, video or film taken of trainee during visit.

I am interested in bringing a large group to Camp. How do I organize my group?

To qualify as a group and receive the group discount, you must have a minimum of 16 participants. Click here for our group program options.

Staying at Camp:

Where do we sleep for Family Camp?

  • Family Camp tuition includes lodging in our Space Camp habitat on Friday and Saturday night. Your family will be assigned to a room together – children and parents are not separated overnight in the Habitats.

What is your allergen policy

Snacks containing nuts or may contain nuts are not allowed at Space Camp and will be immediately discarded without reimbursement. Such items will not be sold in our Habitat store. Our Gift Shop and vending machines contain products that may have been manufactured in a plant or facility that processes nut products. No nut products may be brought into Camp dorm areas. Our Kitchen makes every effort in using products that do not contain, may contain, or are produced in a facility that processes nut products. Our Chefs and nutritionists work to meet special dietary and handle them on a case by case basis. We make every effort to ensure that camp areas such as our Habitats (Camper dorm areas), Camp Galley (Kitchen and Dining area) and Astrotrek are nut-free environments. However, we cannot guarantee the total absence of nut products on our premises. In addition to our tree nut policy, our kitchen also takes efforts to ensure no cross-contamination of other allergens in regards to our special needs diets. All Camp meals are prepared in the same kitchen area so dairy, gluten and meat-by-product items will be present in the kitchen, and as a result there is a very minimal chance that food products may come into contact with other items. Because of this, we cannot provide a guarantee against allergen cross-contamination.

What if my child or I get sick?

You are responsible your health and the health of your child while you are at Space Camp. Decisions to take medication or seek professional medical treatment will be at your discretion.

Do we have to stay in the Habitat during camp?

  • Families may choose to check out nightly and stay at a hotel in the area. Space Camp is unable to help with these arrangements, but we can provide the following information:
  • The closest hotel to the museum is the Huntsville Marriot, which sits just off campus and is within walking distance.
  • We have partnered with area hotels to provide an exclusive rate for our guests. A list of these hotels can be found here -->

Can we stay off-site?

Yes! You can stay off-site at a hotel if you would like. There is a Marriott within walking distance of Space Camp. If you choose to stay off-site, please let us know prior to your camp arrival.

Registration and Account Information:

When must payments be submitted?

At least 50% of the tuition plus a $50 non-refundable registration fee per family member is due upon booking. The remaining balance must be paid within 60 days prior to the event check-in date, and full tuition must be paid if booking within 60 days of a program.

PAYMENT: If your account still shows an outstanding balance, your credit card on file will be auto billed 60-days prior to your check-in date.

If we are attending with another family, can we be together for the weekend activities?

  • Absolutely! Please complete the Buddy Request in your registration account or call ore email us for help to set this up.

Packing for Camp:

What should we pack?

  • A mask
  • Closed-toed/ closed-heel shoes
  • Weather/seasonal appropriate attire
  • Comfortable clothing that follows the guidelines below:
    • Shorts that cover the upper thigh. For safety, please ensure shorts are longer than your fingertips when arms are fully extended and that thighs are covered. Guests may be using harnesses with heavy straps that could cause irritation to exposed skin.
    • Dresses/skirts must have shorts/leggings underneath
    • Tops that are not low cut or reveal the midriff
    • Tank tops with straps that measure at least one inch in width.
    • Clothing that covers all undergarments.

What should we not pack?

What should we not pack?

  • Clothing (including hats) that display risqué, offensive, inappropriate logos, mottos or art, including but not limited to, logos advertising or advocating the use of alcohol products, tobacco products or drugs

Are cell phones and cameras allowed at camp?

Yes, phones and cameras are allowed for Family Camp participants, however please be respectful about cell phone usage. Family Camp is jam packed with activities and experiences you won’t want to watch through a lens. Please limit cell phone and camera use to appropriate times, and keep them tucked away during movies, presentations, activities, and missions.

Food at Camp:

What happens if outside snacks are brought in?

To keep Space Camp safe for everyone, this policy will be strictly enforced by Space Camp staff. Snacks will be discarded upon arrival.

What do I need to know if I have a Food Allergy or Special Diet?

If you or your child has a life threatening allergy associated with food, it is required that you consult with our on-site nutritionist prior to attending camp. The contact information for the nutritionist is as follows: Email: Please click here for more information.

What do campers eat during camp?

Our Camp students will be offered a hot meal consisting of protein, starch, vegetable as well as the option for an alternative item. Salads, fruit cups and ice cream will be available for all lunch and dinner meals. Learn More

Is there a Space Camp-approved snack option?

Yes. If you wish to have snacks while at Camp, we do offer Space Camp Snack Packs containing snacks that have been carefully chosen to be nut/peanut free and are in keeping with our allergy policy. To order a Space Camp Snack Pack, please call 1-800-637-7223 or log in to your account and add the preordered item.

Food Allergies and Special Diets

Our nutrition department provides a wide variety of food choices at each meal for trainees. A large salad bar, full vegetarian line, a choice of entrées and sides are complemented by desserts and fruit selections. All of these food items are self-serve in a cafeteria style. Please follow the link below to see our food choices in depth. Camp Dining

If your child has a physician-diagnosed life-threatening allergy associated with food, it is required that you consult with our on-site nutritionist prior to attending camp. If another special diet is required, please feel free to consult with our nutritionist. An additional fee may apply. To contact the nutritionist:


Our nutritionist reviews all labels and menu ingredients and accommodates for camper allergies in the preparation of meals. We cannot guarantee that any of our manufacturer-purchased products or products introduced by customers are free from allergens (including dairy, eggs, soy, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat and others).

Nuts/peanuts and nut-containing items are NOT allowed in any Space Camp trainee area or the Space Camp Crew Galley (dining area). Any nut/peanut products brought in by Space Camp customers will be confiscated and disposed of immediately without reimbursement. All trainees, chaperones and groups must remove all nuts and nut products prior to entering campus. 

*While we make every effort to ensure that camp areas such as our Habitats and Camp Galley are a nut-free environment, we cannot guarantee the total absence of nut products on our premises.*

If after consulting with our nutritionist, it is determined that special meals are required, the trainee will pick his/her meal up in the “Special Diet” area. However, please note that the trainee is not restricted from independently taking a food item from the self-serve section of the cafeteria. Trainees are responsible for understanding their food allergy and to obtain only those foods that are safe for them. 

Can snacks be brought to Camp?

Space Camp does not permit outside food to be brought into Camp. Space Camp is dedicated to creating a safe experience for all trainees, including those with food allergies.