Portable Dome

Inflatable Dome

Portable Planetarium Offerings

Bring the INTUITIVE® Planetarium to your school! We’ll travel to you and guide you through the wonders of the universe in our new portable inflatable dome. A live tour guide will lead your students on an exploration of the cosmos in a topic of your choice.

Show Offerings (All shows have a duration of 20 minutes.)

1. Moon to Mars & Beyond!

Humankind has always looked up, curious about what lies beyond. This exploratory desire has led to science advances enabling us to peer deep into the cosmos and even land humans on the moon. Join us in this live, interactive show as we ask, “What’s next?”

2. James Webb Space Telescope: The Story Unfolds

Discover the furthermost reaches of the universe as revealed by the James Webb Space Telescope, the most powerful telescope ever built. Witness the evolution of galaxies and explore the life cycle of stars in this live, interactive show.

3. Alabama Skies

Navigate your way through what's up in the current night sky in this live, guided tour of the night sky. Learn to find stars, constellations, planets, and other far out objects (such as nebulae and even galaxies) with imagery from telescopes like Hubble and Webb.

Size and Capacity

The INTUITIVE® Planetarium Portable Dome requires an open indoor space such as a cafeteria, gym, multipurpose room or large classroom for set up. It needs a minimum 30 x 30 ft floor area and a minimum height clearance of 16 ft. Although the fabric is flame resistant, the portable dome should never be set up near an open flame, incandescent lighting, radiators, space heaters, or other heat sources. The portable dome requires two separate, standard 120V electrical outlets.

Capacity is up to 30 people per show, however capacity will vary depending on the age of the guests.

Pricing and Availability

Scheduling Options

Half Day

Full Day

  3 hours

  6 hours

  6 show maximum*

  12 show maximum*



*Shows are scheduled at a maximum of 2 per hour (20 min each)

**There is a surcharge of $2.50 per one way mile for areas outside of Madison County

Locations more than 2.5 hours one way driving time may be subject to additional travel and lodging costs.