The safety of your child during this activity is our top priority. Our aquatics team works closely with Diver’s Alert Network and the Space Camp Nursing Team to make the safest call for each trainee in the event fitness-to-dive concerns arise.

These guidelines apply to ALL participants participating in a Space Camp SCUBA activity regardless of certification status.

Where can I find the Camp SCUBA form?

  • Log into your child’s online account and click on their Advanced Space Academy registration.
  • Click on FORMS, then EDIT
  • Under SCUBA Form, click DOWNLOAD

When should I get my physician to complete and sign the form?

  • Exams and physician approval are accepted within 6 months of camp.

What are the physical effects of the SCUBA activity?

  • The recreational (underwater) portion of this activity is conducted between two atmospheres, which causes the largest physical change that can be made on the airspaces in our body on planet Earth without mechanical assistance.
  • The effects of this activity in an uncontrolled manner can yield temporary to permanent damage to all air-related systems in the body.
    • The most common effects are felt on the ears, but can also include vertigo, lung/gas exchange process, blurred vision, gas embolisms (CAGE), and death by pressure-related traumas or drowning.

If my child either CHOOSES not to dive or is disqualified, what alternate activity will they participate in during this time?

  • Campers are invited to snorkel/swim at the top of the Underwater Astronaut Trainer during the recreational (underwater) portions of the activity.
  • Additionally campers can participate in dry activities such as “The Neutral Buoyancy Challenge,” team time, interaction through port hole windows, and time in the gift shop at their crew trainer’s discretion.

How long is the Space Camp SCUBA activity?

  • The activity is allotted 1.5 hours. This time is split between the educational and recreational portions. The total time spent underwater is determined by how quickly the class completes the mandatory skills assessment.

How do I submit/upload the completed SCUBA form?

  • Log into your child’s online account and click on their Advanced Space Academy registration.
  • Click on FORMS, then EDIT
  • Under SCUBA Form, click UPLOAD
  • You may also email a copy to

Does the camper have to know how to swim?

  • • Yes, a swim test is given at the beginning of the activity.

Does a physician need to complete and sign the SCUBA form?

  • Yes, a specific portion of the form Under PHYSICIAN MEDICAL STATEMENT must be completed and signed by a physician.
  • The rest of the form, both pages can be filled out by a parent/guardian.

Do campers need to bring their own diving equipment?

  • No, all diving equipment is provided. Bathing attire and towels are not provided.

Are there any medical conditions that may prevent campers from fully participating in the SCUBA activity?

  • Yes, they include, but may not be limited to persons with cardiac conditions, severe pulmonary dysfunctions, sensory handicaps, or chronic illnesses. These campers may not be able to fully participate in the activity.
  • If our aquatics team has any concerns about the information on your completed SCUBA form they will reach out to you directly.
  • Final determination and approval to participate in the SCUBA activity are made by our aquatics team, regardless of physician approval.