High school trainees are challenged in the fields of aerodynamics, aeronautics and jet propulsion when they experience our most advanced aviation program, MACH III. This military-style program uses simulated, realistic combat scenarios and hands-on activities to give trainees an understanding of the basics of flight physiology and wilderness survival.

Advanced program simulators reinforce leadership, teamwork and decision-making while building realistic piloting skills. Trainees slide down our 150-ft zip line to simulate a parachute water landing and escape and evade enemies on a SEAL Ops Mission. Trainees also learn wilderness survival skills, food procurement and orienteering.

Trainees practice take-offs and landing, air-to-air training, teamwork, aerodynamics and flight physiology. Then they’ll prove they’re the best in the head-to-head simulated fighter pilot scenario - the ultimate Top Gun competition.

The five-night program begins on Sunday afternoon and graduation is Friday morning. Parents and family members are encouraged to attend the graduation ceremony.

Flight Simulators:
• Take-off and landing
• Navigational training
• Teamwork
• Air-to-ground training

Aviation Principles:
• Aerodynamic Lectures
• Centrifuge Simulator
• Airport Operations
• Aeronautic Lectures

Check-In: Sunday, 12 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.
Graduation: Friday, 10 a.m.