Space Camp

Space Camp GRADES: 4 – 6 | AGES: 9* - 11
Are you ready to take off!? Launch into the adventure of a lifetime when you join the ranks of Space Camp® where aspiring explorers train to live and work in space. This is your opportunity to command, navigate and contribute to a sophisticated space mission simulation.

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*Nine year olds must have completed or currently be enrolled in the 4th grade.

Space Academy GRADES: 7 – 9 | AGES: 12 - 14
Experience the ultimate adventure! Stand up to the test of simulated space missions, rocket launches and realistic astronaut simulators!

Space Academy for ages 12 - 14 is an exciting, five-night adventure that is both educational and exhilarating. The program incorporates real-world applications of science, technology, engineering and math education. Trainees prepare to become the new generation of lunar explorers, with hands-on activities that place them in the role of spacecraft designers/mission controllers and astronauts.

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Advanced Space Academy GRADES: 10 – 12 | AGES: 15 - 18
Are you up for the highest level of astronaut initiation? Enjoy a challenging, space-life experience with scuba-based* microgravity orientation, advanced missions and engineering training in Advanced Space Academy®.

Advanced Space Academy is an adventure that enables high-school aged trainees to forge futures, make friends and explore careers. Trainees are immersed in science, technology, engineering and math education while focusing on college and career preparation. Extended-duration missions give trainees more teamwork experience to prepare for becoming the next generation of space leaders and explorers.

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