Sick Bay

This is a 12-bed unit where registered nurses tend to the needs of camp trainees and other guests. RNs are on site around the clock when weeklong Space Camp is in session. Space Camp uses Crestwood Medical Center ER and Crestwood Tender Care Pediatrics.

  • Weeklong Programs: Medications are collected and administered by an RN.
  • Surveyor and Pathfinder Programs: Medications are the responsibility of chaperones who accompany the trainees.

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Nurses Sickbay

Parent Instructions for Sending Medications to Space Camp

  • Please send all medications in a one gallon Ziploc bag. If there is only one medication, a more appropriate size is acceptable. Please mark the child’s name on the bag with an permanent marker.
  • All prescription medications should have a pharmacy label on the bottle, with the trainee’s name and clear instructions on how it should be administered. If the dosing instructions are different from what is on the label, a note from the prescribing physician must be sent along with the medication addressing the change in the dose.
  • Any over-the-counter medications you send with your child should be accompanied by a note regarding when it should be given, how much (if different from manufacturer’s recommended dose) and any other helpful information. Please note that if you want your child to take a dose that is not according to the manufacturer’s recommendations (i.e., more than the recommended dose) it will be necessary to send a note signed by the physician in order for it to be administered while at Space Camp.

For those who have chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes, seizure disorders, severe allergies/anaphylaxis as well as other chronic disorders/conditions, a copy of an emergency action plan from the physician will provide us with important information and ensure a consistent plan of care. If you have one, please send it along with the medications.

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