Dining at Camp

Crew Galley
  • On average, Space Camp uses 87,264 pounds of fruit in a year.
  • 2,500 biscuits are served each week at Space Camp.
  • Space Camp grows and serves assorted lettuces mix, kale, and herbs on in-house aeroponic devices each week.
  • Space Camp cooks 600 12" pizzas a week.

At the U.S. Space & Rocket Center®, we take the Farm-to-Table movement one step further by featuring a Mars-to-Table experience. Our Camp students may select from a variety of food while viewing the crops growing in our aeroponic gardens. The Rocket Center began this project to illustrate to our guests and Camp students how NASA is experimenting with plant growth in space.

In our Camp Crew Galley, Camp participants select from a variety of foods available in our four food stations. Please see below for samples from these stations.

Special Diets

Our food service department provides a large variety of foods at each meal for trainees. There is a vegetarian line, an entrée line, a sides bar, a large salad bar, and dessert/fruit selections. All of these food items are self-serve in a cafeteria style. Please click here for more information.

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