Vol. 2  No. 1 Space Camp Alumni Advancement Board Spring 2016
 Space Camp Summer Festival 2016                                                                         
Last year we had an amazing turnout with the inaugural Space Camp Alumni Festival. This year, the festival returns as Space Camp Summer Fest, and is set to be even better than last year's... and with lots of 80s flair! Discover everything that will be going on at this year’s festival!

What’s Going on at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center?

There’s a lot going on at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center! Look here to find out about special events and new exhibits, including the recently opened “ISS: Science On Orbit” exhibit detailing the scientific research being done on the International Space Station. 


Meet the New Members of the Alumni Advancement Board

It’s a New Year and we welcome two new members to the Alumni Advancement Board. Both were campers, one a former counselor, and one has flown in space! Find out more about our new board members.


   Drive to 35, Space Camp Scholarship Campaign  

The Alumni Advancement board has a mission to award 350 underprivileged children a Space Camp scholarship to coincide with Space Camp’s 35th anniversary in 2017. Help make dreams a reality and find out how you can help send a child to a Space Camp or Aviation Challenge program.

   Alumni Spotlight

Many Space Camp alumni have gone on to do incredible things in their careers. Get an inside look at what alumni have accomplished with their careers and how Space Camp inspired them to get there.

  Throwback Camp Photos

Ever wonder how Space Camp and Aviation Challenge have changed? In each issue, we’ll take a look back at what things used to be like. What’s the photo this month?


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