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Vol. 2  No. 3 Space Camp Alumni Advancement Board Fall 2016
 Summerfest 2016 in the books!               
Dates for 2017 Summerfest Announced – July 13-16

It’s official, summer 2016 was a resounding success for our beloved Space Camp, Aviation Challenge Camp, and Space Camp Robotics community.  In mid-July, alumni from across the globe descended on the U.S. Space & Rocket Center for Space Camp Summerfest 2016.  


A True LEGO Engineer!

Nicholas knew before he arrived to attend Space Academy that he wanted a career with NASA. Growing up building models and fixing things around the house in Boardman, Ohio, Nicholas discovered early on that he had a good ability to see how things fit together. He also noticed that he excelled in classes related to math and science. However, he said it was the day he saw the Sojourner land on Mars that really hooked him on the idea of working for NASA. From that moment, Nicholas said that most of his academic decisions were based on achieving the goal of working for NASA.

 Alumni on the ISS

As a child, Kate Rubins dreamed of becoming an astronaut. She tells the story of completing chores around the house to earn her trip to Space Academy when she was in the seventh grade. Now this childhood dream has become reality as she launched on a Soyez spacecraft this past July for a three-month stay on the International Space Station. With this flight, Dr. Rubins became the third Space Camp alumna to fly in space.
 Seeking Outstanding Space Camp Alumni

Do you know an outstanding individual who went to Space Camp? If so, recognize their achievements by nominating them for the Space Camp Hall of Fame Class of 2017. The nominee should be a graduate of a Space Camp, Aviation Challenge Camp or Space Camp Robotics at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Ala., Space Camp Florida, Space Camp California, Aviation Challenge California or any officially recognized Space Camp programs located internationally.


 Space Camp Needs Counselors for 2017 – Refer Now!

Do you know a college student that’d be a perfect Space Camp counselor? Send them this link and encourage them to apply!

As a Space Camp counselor, they’ll educate trainees on the past, present and future of space exploration; lead them through astronaut simulations; and coach them during simulated space missions. They’ll provide supervision in a group setting, primarily addressing children ages 9 – 18. They’ll organize, plan and execute inspiring, educational activities designed to deliver a motivational experience.

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