Vol. 1  No. 3 Space Camp Alumni Advancement Board SUMMER 2015
 Last Call: Space Camp Alumni Weekend          
Don’t miss your chance to attend the inaugural Space Camp Alumni Festival Weekend: Thursday, July 23 – Saturday, July 25. Get the latest updates on all the activities and make your plans to join this fun action-packed weekend!


Shuttle Training Aircraft Coming to Shuttle Park!

Another aircraft from the Space Shuttle program will be added to Shuttle Park. Find out about the progress of this new installation.


Touching A Dream, An F-14 Restoration Volunteer’s Story

For several months, the Alumni Association led an effort to restore the F-14 Tomcat at Aviation Challenge. Find out about one volunteer’s experience working on an aircraft she idolized growing up.


Throwback Camp Photos

Ever wonder how Space Camp and Aviation Challenge have changed? In each issue, we’ll take a look back at what things used to be like. What’s the photo this month?


  Space Camp Hall of Fame Auction                  

Own a piece of Space Camp History! This sign greeted campers for more
than two decades and will be auctioned off to support the
Space Camp Hall of Fame Scholarship Fund

There’s a lot up for auction this year to help the Space Camp Hall of Fame Scholarship Fund. Explore the latest items in the auction, both in person and online!

 This Year’s Space Camp Hall of Fame Inductees 

Four new members will be inducted into the Space Camp Hall of Fame this July. Find out more about this year’s inductees.

  Tell Us Your Story           

One of the greatest testaments to Space Camp is the story of its alumni. Won’t you consider spending a few moments telling yours? After all - as a proud alumni of Space Camp and Aviation Challenge - your mission has just begun!

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