Aviation Challenge® MACH I is a fast-paced, military-style program that uses simulated, realistic combat scenarios. Trainees are immersed in the fascinating realms of flight while learning about the basics of the military lifestyle. Trainees also learn shelter building and food procurement survival tactics and practice water-survival skills with hands-on activities in our onsite manmade lake that is treated to swimming pool standards.

Trainees practice activities such as takeoffs and landing, air-to-air training and navigational training in cockpit simulators while exploring aviation principles such as propulsion, weather and control surfaces amidst the breathtaking backdrop of our extensive aircraft collection.

The five-night program begins on Sunday afternoon and graduation is Friday morning. Parents and family members are encouraged to attend the graduation ceremony.

Flight Simulators:

  • Take-off and landing
  • Navigational training
  • Teamwork
  • Air-to-ground training

Aviation Principles:

  • Forces of Flight
  • Control Surfaces
  • Propulsion

Check-In: Sunday, 12 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.
Graduation: Friday, 10 a.m.