Aviation Challenge Camp

It’s Monday morning, and Pilot Holly starts her day with combat training in a high-performance F/A- 18 Hornet while a nearby cadet tests his response to G-forces in a centrifuge. Just a few hundred yards away, Phillip abandons his helicopter and races down a 150-foot zip-line to simulate a parachute landing water landing.

Meanwhile, on the proving grounds Austin trains to evade and escape enemies in an intensive SEAL Ops Mission. Reece is immersed in land and water survival skills, learning food procurement and shelter building. Nicole and her teammates spend their day going head-to-head in a rigorous Top Gun dog- fight competition.

Since 1990, trainees from around the globe have trained to be the next generation of fighter pilots in this structured, military-style program that uses combat scenarios. Held in Huntsville, Alabama, Aviation Challenge Camp encompasses fun, teamwork and leadership skills into a week of new friends and adventures.

Scout Badges that may be earned during Aviation Challenge:
  • Aviation
  • Partial completion of Wilderness Survival